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About the Chamber



Strategic Plan for the Chamber

Chamber’s Vision

To be the premier business resource serving as the engine empowering our members and community.

Chamber’s Mission

Fostering economic prosperity and promoting businesses through regional collaboration, advocacy and member development

Chamber’s 5 Objectives



Regional Collaboration

Chamber Growth and Diversification

Member Development

1.     Objective Advocacy

  1. To share information & relevant news that impacts our members
  2. Be a voice for our members on critical business issues at each level of government (local, state and federal)
  3. In collaboration with others, host meet the candidate forums/issues for Port Huron, St. Clair, Marysville, the county and township offices
  4. Keep communication lines open with our government officials to ensure the business community is fully represented
  5. Provide ideas and support to members on how to successful address challenges they may face in doing business
  6. Be a voice representing our membership in matters that promote our members economic growth

2.     Objective Retention

  1. Increase participation from all types of members at all types of chamber events.
  2. Maintain a 90% retention rate
  3. Improve member retention by offering services that more directly align with their needs
  4. Pursue non-participating members before they drop
  5. Continue to have a board member reach out to a member that has low participating in the chamber events
  6. Get members involved with programs and events that have not been involved yet or recently

3.     Objective Regional Collaboration

  1. Be visible throughout the region
  2. Collaborate with organizations that best promote our Vision and Mission statement
  3. Have a positive relationship with other business and community-based organizations; align our collective resources to reduce duplication
  4. Have ex officio cross board members with EDA, Marysville Business Council, St. Clair Chamber, Fort Gratiot Business Association and others

4.     Objective Chamber Growth and Diversification

  1. Increase total membership by 10% a year
  2. Explore additional programs that would benefit our member base
  3. Identify 5 more industries that are not represented in our 10 main industries that would bring new resources to the Chamber & what it can offer by 2014 year end
  4. Establish a “wish list’ of businesses or organizations we would like to reach out to, to become members of the chamber
  5. Gather testimonials from members…highlighting benefits to membership

5.     Objective Member Development

  1. To provide the resources & education our members need to grow their businesses
  2. Collaborate with organizations to provide development opportunities for the community at large
  3. Strengthened mentoring programs for members
  4. Offer additional staff development tidbits to members outside of seminars to reach those who are unable to leave work to attend
  5. Look into new programs that would not only help the business but would be seen as benefit and increase participation

Chamber’s Core Values

                        Integrity           Be open, fair, honest and respectful in all we do

Relationships  Providing an environment for networking, formation of

                       friendships and developing teamwork and collaboration                   

Freedom          Promoting diversity, creativity and democratic methods

Excellence       Striving to meet highest expectations through commitment,

                       quality, creativity and hard work                     

Happiness      Promoting fun ways to recognize and fulfill the needs and success

                      of our membership and community at large



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