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About the Chamber

Welcome to the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce!

Vision:  To be the premier business resource serving as the engine empowering our members and community  

Mission:  Fostering economic prosperity and promoting businesses through regional collaboration, advocacy and member development

Since 1917, the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce has served the business and community needs of the greater Port Huron, Fort Gratiot, and Marysville area. We're committed to developing a vibrant business environment while preserving and enhancing our unique quality of life. Currently, over 400 businesses and community organizations make up the Chamber, providing volunteers who take an active role in community initiatives through the work of the Chamber's standing committees.

The Chamber responds to thousands of requests each year for information about relocation, both business and residential, tourism, demographics, community events...the list is endless! You'll find answers to hundreds of questions as you explore this website.

Led by a Board of Directors and a professional staff, the Chamber sponsors workshops and seminars for business owners and professionals and communicates issues and celebrates member news through a weekly Newsletter.  The Chamber collaborates closely with other community and economic development groups, and the local government.

The Board of Directors has been laser focused on growing and serving our membership through regional collaboration, advocacy, and member development, improving our technological capabilities for referral management, strict fiscal reporting and analysis, and working closely with our colleagues at the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce to improve cross border commerce. As a result of our hard work, the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce earned the Outstanding Chamber of the Year Award in 2007 and 2010.
We are Proud Members of: the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce 
What is The Chamber of Commerce?  Bob Thomas, Michigan Association of Chamber Executives 
At the heart of the local economy and the backbone of virtually every great community you’ll find a chamber of commerce celebrating and promoting the diversity and uniqueness of their community.  Chambers of Commerce help form the fabric of America.  Their efforts result in business attraction, job creation, improved education, beautification and more.  Despite all of this, the question is still often asked, “What is the Chamber of Commerce?”
Technically, chambers of commerce are business associations generally incorporated as a 501(c)(6), that work diligently to improve the economic, cultural, and overall business climate for the areas they serve.  They are typically private, not-for-profit corporations.  Chambers are governed by a volunteer board of directors and employ professional staff to accomplish their mission.  While that is impressive, it is the daily work of chambers that moves communities, the state and this nation forward. 
Today’s chambers of commerce focus on a broad range of activities and support for both business and the community at large.  From community and workforce development initiatives to information dissemination and legislative advocacy, chamber professionals and members work with other talented leaders in business, community and government to create a positive environment and to make the community a better place to work, live and play.
The beauty of chambers of commerce is that they truly embody the spirit of entrepreneurship, ingenuity and innovation of their communities and the businesses they represent; therefore, specific programs, products and services vary by chamber and are tailored specifically to the needs of the local community.  These programs often include:-       Business development and growth programs for large and small businesses-       Custom research, local/regional economic forecasts, or other analysis-       One-stop shops for information or services related to starting a business, getting elected to public office or finding a job-       Fighting for pro-business as well as important community relevant legislation and to form public and private alliancesThis list goes on.  Whether it is economic development, tourism, community events, or those mentioned above the chamber of commerce is the “go to” resource for information.  It is the convener of people and a place where things get done.  In short, chambers of commerce provide the community leadership necessary to develop the economic well-being of their region.
As you see, chambers of commerce are involved in many facets of the community (sometimes quietly) to help create places we call home. October is Chamber of Commerce month in Michigan. This month is set aside annually to reflect and show our appreciation for the work of many dedicated individuals and organizations across the state.
Now that you have a better sense of what the chamber is, you can better understand the role they play in your community.  With this new knowledge, take a moment to stop in and meet your chamber of commerce staff and learn more about the powerful work they do and the contributions they make on behalf of you, local businesses and the community.  If you already know them (and chances are you do), drop in, say thanks and tell them how much you appreciate them for their work!

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