Welkin Vintage Base Ball

  • Date8/25/2012
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    The Welkin Vintage Base Ball Club has set our schedule for the 2012 season:

    May 6 - Greenfield Village Lah-Dee-Dahs HOME
    May 12 - Northville Eclipse HOME
    May 19 - Midland Mighty River Hogs HOME May 26 - Rochester Grangers AWAY


    June 2 - Chelsea Monitors AWAY

    June 9 - London Tecumseh's HOME

    June 10 - Royal Oak Wahoos AWAY

    June 23 - Walker Tavern Wheels HOME


    July 1 - Royal Oak Wahoos HOME

    July 7 - Rochester Grangers HOME

    July 15 - Mt. Clements Regulars HOME

    July 22 - London Tecumseh's AWAY

    July 28 - 2nd Annual Gypsy Classic on Mackinac Island


    August 4 - Chelsea Monitors HOME

    August 11-12 - Greenfield Village World's Tournament of Base Ball
    August 19 - Mt. Clemens Regulars AWAY
    August 25 - Walker Tavern Wheels Away


    September 8 - Midland Mighty River Hogs AWAY
    September 21 - Northville Eclipse @ Victorian Festival AWAY

    In 2007 the Welkin Club was recreated as part of Port Huron’s Sesquicentennial celebration. In their inaugural year the Welkins played other vintage clubs from around the state and participated in Greenfield Village’s “World’s Tournament of Vintage Base Ball,” a re-creation of the 1867 tournament the original Welkins played.


    2012 is now the sixth year of the re-created Welkin Base Ball Club. We offer free family friendly entertainment for our local citizens and visitors. Our home games are played St. Mary Catholic Church & School Park located at 12th Avenue & Jones Place. All home match games are played at 2:00 PM. Games last approximately two hours.


    More information about the Welkin Base Ball Club and Vintage Base Ball is available at our website: welkinbbc.com. I can supply you with photographs in any format you need if space allows.


    Vintage Base Ball is base ball (yes, it was spelled two words prior to the 1880s) played by the rules and customs of the 19th Century. Our players (sometimes called ballists) wear period reproduction uniforms, either with long trouser and shield shirt, or a later style lace shirt and knickers. They recreate the game based on rules and research of the various decades of the mid-to-late nineteenth century. The playing of vintage base ball can be seen at open-air museums, tournament re-enactments and city parks. It is played on both open grass fields and modern baseball diamonds. Spectators may consider vintage base ball to be a new sport, however, some clubs have been in existence since the 1980s. Vintage base ball is a reflection of how baseball existed at an earlier time.



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