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4/18/2014   NEWS RELEASE: Financial Workshop for Small Business
4/17/2014   Keller Williams Open House - May 1st, 2014
4/15/2014   SC4 hosting professional development day
4/14/2014   News Release: City of Algonac Backs Rep. Miller’s Bill to Stop Asian Carp
4/14/2014   SC4 honor society to host blood drive April 21, 22
4/14/2014   Michigan News & Capitol Report, Week Ending, Fri., April 11, 2014
4/14/2014   Mt. Pleasant to host 1st Annual Michigan Young Professionals Network Statewide Conference
4/14/2014   Michigan Chamber Capitol Report
4/14/2014   News from The Blue Water Area Churches
4/14/2014   Ennis Center for Children / Open House
4/14/2014   2014 River Run
4/14/2014   Huron Wellness & Get Healthy Nation Ribbon Cutting Ceremoy
4/11/2014   Press Release: Art on the River
4/10/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller: Civil Rights Act Put Nation on Path to Fulfill Promise of Equal Protection Under the Law
4/10/2014   SC4 vocal students to present recital April 25
4/10/2014   Safe Horizons presents Sundance film winner, “The Invisible War”
4/8/2014   SC4 professors awarded grants
4/7/2014   Connecting Entrepreneurial Communities Conference 2014
4/7/2014   LUNAFEST film festival
4/7/2014   Linda's Famous Spaghetti Dinner & Bake Sale
4/7/2014   Chef Shell’s Customer Appreciation Day
4/7/2014   Michigan Chamber of Commerce PAC Insider
4/7/2014   Michigan News And Capitol Report, Week Ending, Fri., April 4, 2014
4/7/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller Visits Head Start Students at New Haven Elementary School
4/7/2014   Michigan Chamber Capitol Report
4/7/2014   News Release: Rep. Paul Muxlow March Legislative Update
4/7/2014   News Release: Sen. Green announces April office hours in Thumb with Sen. Pavlov
4/7/2014   News Release: MI Chamber - Personal Property Tax Reform Bills Signed Into Law
4/7/2014   U.S. Chamber of Commerce Update
4/7/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller to Introduce Legislation to Address Major Security Vulnerability in International Travel
4/7/2014   Business Leaders for Michigan Unveils the 2014 Michigan Turnaround Plan
4/7/2014   OUR youth, OUR future! Proactive with A Beautiful Me®!
4/7/2014   News Release: State Rep. Dan Lauwers news release - House unveils transportation funding proposal
4/7/2014   News Release: State Rep. Dan Lauwers news release - April office hours
4/7/2014   Marysville Business Workshop
4/7/2014   Ambassador Ribbon Cutting: Monica's Magic & Desgin Grand Opening
4/7/2014   News Release: Detroit News Editorial: Don't neglect the Blue Water Bridge
4/7/2014   St. Clair County Family Caregiver Seminar & Open House - Tuesday, April 8, 2014
4/7/2014   Port Huron Hospital Foundation Community Newsletter, Together
4/4/2014   SC4’s Spiral Gallery at Studio 1219 to feature work of alumna
4/4/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller Votes to Repeal 30-Hour Work
4/3/2014   SC4 Career Fair to offer job, networking opportunities April 23
4/2/2014   News Release: BWACC Welcomes New President
3/31/2014   Share Your Story for a Chance to Win Up to $25,000!
3/31/2014   Plan Now to Attend Menopause the Musical at McMorran Place!
3/31/2014   Still time to enroll for SPRING quarter at Baker College of PORT HURON!
3/31/2014   Blue Water Area Churches Weekly Update
3/31/2014   Congratulations to the 2014 Michigan Celebrates Small Business Award Winners!
3/31/2014   SC4: Women's basketball team earns fourth place in national tournament
3/31/2014   CVB - April 2014 Events
3/31/2014   Canadian vs American Golf Outing
3/31/2014   Preparing 4-H Youth for 21st Century Workforce Skills & Global Economy
3/31/2014   Comcast Business to award more than $600,000 in cash and services to tech savvy entrepreneurs through Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs program
3/31/2014   Registration Available for the 2014 Best Practices in Insurance Licensing Forum
3/31/2014   Are your employee pay practices in order? - Attend this April MI Chamber seminar
3/31/2014   SLCC: Restoring Trust In The Workplace While Living In Distrusting Times
3/31/2014   Understanding Workplace Harrassment and its Effect - an April 3rd MI Chamber webinar
3/31/2014   News Release: Community News Bulletin - Sen. Pavlov announces April office hours
3/31/2014   News Release: Michigan Chamber Applauds Bi-Partisan Effort to Reform Business PPT
3/31/2014   News Release: Rep. Lauwers votes to protect essential community services, funding to classrooms during historic PPT phase-out
3/31/2014   Michigan Chamber Capitol Report
3/31/2014   Michigan News And Capitol Report, Week Ending, March 21, 2014
3/31/2014   News Release: Gov. Snyder to speak at Macomb event
3/31/2014   Michigan named an All Star Vet State by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
3/31/2014   The DOL Newsletter - March 20, 2014
3/31/2014   News Release: Chamber Briefing: Most Recent Updates on Governor Snyder's Ten-Year Energy Plan
3/22/2014   Michigan Chamber Capitol Report
3/22/2014   MI Chamber of Commerce Weekly News Report
3/22/2014   News Release: BWACC Board of Directors & PAC Opposes HB5184
3/22/2014   News Release: MI Chamber of Commerce Opposes HB5184
3/22/2014   Chamber Briefing: Most Recent Updates on Governor Snyder's Ten-Year Energy Plan
3/22/2014   News Release: Senate committee to hold hearing in Lexington
3/22/2014   News Release: MI Chamber of Commerce & BWACC Public Affairs Committee Support SB636
3/22/2014   News Release: Rep. Lauwers sponsors resolution honoring 10th annual Ag Day
3/22/2014   MI Chamber Insurance Services Health Care Report - March 2014
3/22/2014   News Release: Rep. Lauwers helps honor MSU football team, Coach Dantonio
3/22/2014   News Release: The Detroit News: Rep. Miller: Air Force must prove it can replace A-10 before cutting Selfridge fleet
3/22/2014   Superintendent's Memo 3.20.14 - Special Edition - Board to review health care options
3/22/2014   Blue Water Area Churches Weekly Update
3/22/2014   MI Chamber April Webinar - Reduce electric/gas costs through effective purchasing strategies
3/22/2014   MI Chamber May Seminar -Registration open for 15th Annual Environmental Issues Forum
3/19/2014   Historical Lighthouses receive grants
3/18/2014   News Release: Candice Miller Talks to WJR’s Paul W. Smith About International Passport Screening Procedures, Her Fight to Keep A-10s at Selfridge, and Legislation to Stop the President from Ignoring the Constitution
3/17/2014   SC4 women’s basketball team to play starting Tuesday in national tournament
3/17/2014   New Life Christian Academy - Kindergarten Round-up!
3/17/2014   St. Clair County Snow Melt Update
3/17/2014   News Release: Landmark Academy receives continued accreditation from Advanced Ed
3/16/2014   Students earn awards in Science and Engineering Fair at SC4
3/16/2014   An update on the Jim Acheson Challenge
3/16/2014   Michigan Chamber Capitol Report
3/16/2014   Michigan News And Capitol Report, Week Ending, Fri., March 7, 2014
3/16/2014   Examine reasonable accommodation obligations for persons with disabilities - a March MI Chamber Webinar
3/16/2014   News Release: Rep. Dan Lauwers - March 2014 E-Newsletter Legislative Update
3/16/2014   Comcast Business to award more than $600,000 in cash and services to tech savvy entrepreneurs through Innovations 4 Entrepreneurs program
3/16/2014   News Release: St. Clair County motorists to benefit from emergency road funding – Lauwers
3/16/2014   News Release: BAKER COLLEGE RANKED IN TOP 25
3/14/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller Supports Bill to Stop Presidential Overreach
3/14/2014   News Release: Miller Talks to WJR’s Steve Courtney on the Frank Beckmann Show About Border Security, International Passport Screening Procedures and the ENFORCE Act
3/13/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller Questions International Passport Inspection Procedures
3/12/2014   Port Huron Hospital holds 25th Annual Children’s Fun & Fitness Festival
3/12/2014   News Release: Rep. Lauwers plans local office hours in March
3/12/2014   Blues respond to government’s extension of non-compliant plans
3/12/2014   News Release: Pavlov sponsors bills to keep drugged drivers off roads
3/12/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller Votes to Exempt Volunteer Fire Departments from Costly Obamacare Mandate
3/12/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller on Air Force Plans to Replace A-10s at Selfridge with Additional KC-135s
3/12/2014   News Release: Pavlov votes to support local trust fund projects
3/11/2014   Port Huron Museum Announces: The Space Shuttle: Thirty Years of Flight
3/10/2014   Michigan Chamber Weekly News Update
3/10/2014   News Release: Legislation helps keep drugged drivers off the streets, protect Michigan residents
3/10/2014   News Release: Move to block carp from the Great Lakes hits rough water
3/10/2014   News Release: “Business Legal Issues” Seminar in Port Huron
3/10/2014   MI Chamber: Environmental Compliance Seminar - Environmental Issues Forum
3/10/2014   Accelerating Job Growth via Investments in Higher Ed
3/10/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller Supports Ukrainian Aid Legislation
3/10/2014   Black River Walk Campaign Donor Spotlight
3/10/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller Urges Public-Private Partnership Solution for Unfinished Plaza at Blue Water Bridge
3/10/2014   News Release: Army Corps to Dedicate $1 Million to Dredging Black River
3/10/2014   News Release: Call with Governor Snyder's Energy Team
3/10/2014   News Release: Sen. Pavlov announces March office hours
3/10/2014   St. Clair County Community College: Leadership Connection
3/10/2014   MI Chamber: HR Compliance Webinar - Responding to Workplace Harassment
3/10/2014   MI Chamber: HR & Tax Compliance Seminar
3/10/2014   News Release: Rep. Miller: National Flood Insurance Program is a Bad Deal for Michigan
3/10/2014   News Release: Free "Marketing Your Business" Seminar in Port Huron
3/10/2014   News Release: Rep. Lauwers votes to provide hundreds of millions in additional funding for road repairs
3/10/2014   News Release: Attend free Wellness Expo at SC4 on March 20
3/10/2014   News Release: Free First Fridays for Kids with Gill-Roys at KidSAKE
3/10/2014   News Release: “Love and Chocolate” Dessert Theatre Features Fair Trade and Local Talent
3/10/2014   News Release: Trinity Lutheran School Is Proud To Announce It's School Open House
3/10/2014   News Release: St. Joseph Mercy Port Huron Awarded Accredidation By The Joint Commission
3/10/2014   News Release: Self-Employed? Sign Up For 2014 Health Care Coverage By March 31
3/10/2014   Downtown Parking Summit Meeting Update
12/26/2013   Tickets and sponsorships now available for Leadercast Port Huron on May 9, 2014

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